Integrity & Trust Competency Ownership Diverse & Distinct Services Service Excellence Top - Tier Resources

What Makes Us Unique

Integrity & Trust

We adhere to the highest levels of Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Professionalism.

We work diligently to meet the demands of our clients, working backwards from their requirements. We strive hard to enhance our performance standard and service quality, which helps us earn our clients' trust.


Highly qualified team of professionals with extensive expertise handling end-to-end environment, health, safety, and sustainability services. A wealth of experience in environmental, health, safety, and sustainability project management gained on a global scale.

Strong familiarity with international norms and corporate best practices.


We focus on the client's most important needs and deliver them with the highest quality and on time. We offer a new way of looking at client’s problems and not just the products or services we offer.

Top - Tier Resources

People are our most valuable assets, and we are fascinated with developing high-quality resources capable of delivering results for our clients. We are always interested in new approaches to solve problems and strive to improve ourselves, resulting in a highly skilled staff to meet the needs of our clients.

Diverse & Distinct Services

We provide environment, health, safety and sustainability partnership and consulting services that are comprehensive and suit the client’s wide range of requirements and growth strategy.

Service Excellence

We take a novel approach, always on the lookout for better solutions to meet the needs of our clients. All of our services are customised to each individual client.

We resolve challenges and provide world-class service at light speed.

Our Vision

Emwelt find science-enabled, world class, sustainable solutions for our customers to protect the environment, health and safety of people, and preserve the earth's natural resources—for today and for future generations.

Our Mission

We are committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) excellence to protect people, our communities, the environment, and the Company. Emwelt’s strong EHS program comes from a robust network of systems and professionals supporting our sites, services, and projects across the globe. Our excellence stems from our shared commitment across the industries and our standardized risk-based program, which specifies common high expectations and key methodologies to be used across the globe. Our solutions are built on a spirit of transparency, data, and continuous improvement.

Sudhi M P

Founder, Director

Sudhi is the founder and director of Emwelt, bringing more than 18 years of technical and leadership experience in environment, health, safety, and sustainability to mission critical projects and risk management initiatives.

With years of expertise in enhancing and optimising business performance, planning, managing, and executing EHS programmes globally, he has held multiple global senior leadership roles with multinational corporations like Amazon, General Electric, and TVS. He has worked extensively with the government authorities and certification bodies to obtain the necessary permits, licences, audits and approvals.

He has vast awareness of regional and international EHS regulations, standards and corporate best practices. Sudhi has been deeply involved in creation and improving global EHS programmes, streamlining operations and has led high-profile initiatives around the world in senior leadership roles.